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New King Island brand

The first of this kind….. This is the story of our very own local processing plant created as a community project: King Island Prime Meats. The concept was developed by community discussion and then championed by a group of local farmers and business 


This five year journey, made possible thanks to the first class support and contribution from many passionate King Islanders is designed to deliver a brand you can believe in, with prime products of 100% guaranteed King Island provenance for local and interstate 


We look forward to consistently supplying and delivering pure King Island branded prime multiple species meats, meeting customer’s expectations for quality by operating a professional, sustainable and ethical business. 

Local restaurants will be featuring our exotic and prime meats on their menus for the gastronomical delight of all their diners, enjoying a brand they can believe is King Island at its best.

Proven Providence

The heart of our Operation

We expect rapid growth into eateries in other Australian states. The heart of our operation at King Island Prime Meats (KIPM), with our mission is: To give back to our supportive community and provide a consistent supply of prime quality meat to businesses and domestic consumers, loyal to the genuine quality of King Island products. 

To process local prime livestock for the King Island domestic and tourism sector and for expanding Australian markets. 

To provide reputational security and ensure animal welfare issues are addressed by King Island producers, processing stock on the island to reduce live exports. 

To ethically manage the King Island wallaby population, with farmers re-gaining up to 40% of their pasture and enjoying the benefits of the King Island Prime Meats Charity, returning value to farmers supporting this community project. 

To enhance the regional King Island economy through job creation and to develop sustainable value-added opportunities, including King Island Smallgoods.